Xenons Designs - Terms of Services:
Through the following page Xenons Designs will be referred to as a "seller" while the visitors will be referred to as "customer".
When ordering all customers are required to agree to the following terms of services.
Upon a request seller is entitled to deny or accept it.
If a request is accepted the following rules must be met:
• Customer must lay out all of their requests before the seller can answer with a price range
• Along with all the details customer is required to provide a time frame for this project before the price can be given.
• If a customer is not satisfied with the price range he or she is entitled to ask for a lower price.
• If both customer and seller agree on a price the customer is required to pay at least 50% upfront before the seller begins work.
• Once the upfront payment has been completed and seller has started the project, customer is entitled to request any changes along the way.
• If a change is requested that would require large amount of reworking (such as entire page redesign) seller is entitled to request additional payment.
• Upon completion of project seller will provide full page images of the finished project and request the final cut of the payment to be made
• Once the final cut of the payment is transfered, all files associated with the customers site will be sent over in a zip format along with text files explaining how to set everything up.

* Customer is allowed to request a refund if he or she is not satisfied with the product. The refund will not be full, meaning the seller is entitled to a portion due to the time used for the project (Unless the project was not started).
* Any additional changes or additions to the product after the full payment will be charged accordingly (Unless the request is a bug fix or a mistake correction).
* Refunds after the final cut of payment has been sent will not be acknowledged and if escalated can result in legal actions.
* If customer refuses to send the final payment over, the files will not be sent until the respective payment is made.

If a customer requests a refund, depending on the circumstances the following apply:
• If a refund request is made before the project was started, the customer will receive full refund.
• If a refund is requested during the ongoing work of project, customer will receive a partial refund depending on the time spent on the project.
• If a refund is taken over the respective payment method, seller will provide all the details to back up the refund and cancel it due to not following the terms of services.
• If a refund is requested after the final payment and file transfer, the request will be denied.
• If a refund is taken over the respective payment method, the seller will provide all the details to back up the refund and cancel it due to the project being completed and transfered to the customer.

These rules apply once the customer receives all the files that are connected to the project:
• Customer is free to use the received files for personal purposes.
• Customer is not allowed to resell or claim ownership of the files received, they have been created by seller and seller alone.
• Seller has all rights to showcase the design as a portfolio piece and it is claimed as sellers work.